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Release date 3-15-2023


Prince Jaquonie Jaron Zohns of the planet Midnight flees to Earth after his Uncle Mandalay overthrew his father and claimed the throne. Jaquonie assumes the name JJ Jones and makes a life for himself, until the murder of his lover, Bluebird, tears him apart. Without family, friends, or partner, JJ plunges into depression while The Joker, a hallucination, taunts him, and secret messages beckon him home to Midnight. Can he rally from the abyss and respond to the call of his people?

     My latest novel is on Amazon for pre-release sale. If you read the prequel On the Run, available for free here, you know Jaquonie Jaron's story up to the time he arrived on Earth. In Silent Voices Calling, the first book of the series, you will see how his life on Earth is going, twenty-five years later. The cover depicts JJ's home, the planet Midnight, losing atmosphere to its red dwarf sun.

     The opener to the four-book Secret Messages series presents days of intrigue and sadness, struggle and madness in the life of a royal from the planet Midnight exiled on Earth. And of course, there are plenty of secret messages.

     The series is based on multiple sources from the music of ELO. Fans will recognize Easter eggs and references to music from On the Third Day and Secret Messages. Perhaps JJ bears some resemblance to Jeff Lynne. Like Jeff, JJ wears shades constantly, but it's to protect his sensitive eyes from Earth's bright sun.

     Release day is March 15. Click on the above link to pre-order the e-book, or wait to purchase the paperback.

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