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Pam Van Allen’s July, 2022 newsletter


I’m Pam Van Allen, retired clinical psychologist turned author and editor, eternal music aficionado. My books and stories are based on albums and songs. Midnight on the Water drew from Electric Light Orchestra’s Eldorado and Five Legends Five Guitars imagined how the Traveling Wilburys in another universe might have recorded an album using superpowers.


Perhaps you already have On the Run, the prequel to the Secret Messages series. If not, you may request it below.


Jaquonie Jaron Zohns, youthful son of Damlayan Karam Zohns, goes to war against his uncle Mandalay and loses the War for the Crown. He flees to Earth to escape while his troops regroup. He must adapt to the alien culture and environment while planning his return and eventual victory. He has never lived without servants, and he doesn’t know how to live on his own.



The Secret Messages series will be released over the next few months. Although the Secret Messages album didn’t tell a story, I based a series of novels on it.


The names of the novels and a brief synopsis:


Book I: Silent Voices Calling


Anticipated release August, 2022


JJ’s Earther girlfriend is murdered. He kills her murderer in self-defense, falls into guilt and depression, and develops an unhealthy coping response which follows him throughout the series. He resists the agents from Midnight who arrive in the Sol System to bring him home.


Book II: Other Side of Midnight


Anticipated release October, 2022


After returning to Midnight, JJ discovers the planet in political turmoil. The Monarchy’s military is rebuilt, but his uncle’s forces remain strong. Secrecy and intrigue haunt the court. He leads the space fleet to victory, but his nemesis still rules the surface of the planet.


Book III: Hello, My Old Friend


Anticipated release December, 2022


JJ faces the usurper, his uncle. Rebels continue to lurk. He encounters challenges while following his conscience and learning to rule. Who will bear his firstborn?

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