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Fleeing his home planet after losing the War for the Crown, Prince Jaquonie Jaron Zohns arrives on Earth, in the U.S.A. in 1957. He seeks his rock and roll heroes, but southern cultural practices mystify him.

This free e-book is the prequel to the Secret Messages Series.

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Secret Messages Series

Prince Jaquonie Jaron Zohns of the planet Midnight flees to Earth after his Uncle Mandalay overthrew his father and claimed the throne. Jaquonie assumes the name JJ Jones and makes a life for himself, until the murder of his lover, Bluebird, tears him apart. Without family, friends, or partner, JJ plunges into depression while The Joker, a hallucination, taunts him, and secret messages beckon him home to Midnight. Can he rally from the abyss and respond to the call of his people?

Horace, trapped in a boring, mundane life, escapes into his exciting lucid dreams. Within them, he becomes a heroic knight, a Native American shaman and a Merry Man. With his real life disintegrating, Horace seeks help. Will he choose the Alchemical path of Mr. Kingdom with his magic herbs and promise of self-mastery, or will he follow the mysterious seductress who points the way to Eldorado?

In 1988, five music legends wrote and recorded an album in ten days. How? They used their superpowers from an alternate universe, of course. In this blend of fact and fiction, learn how Lucky had become the world’s greatest songwriter and why Otis was the go-to music producer of the 1980s and 1990s. These musical heroes bear a striking resemblance to our Traveling Wilburys, but they aren’t the same people. Or are they?

Rock fiction is a young genre. These stories are inspired by songs and those who sing them. The concepts and characters are from the author, not the composers of the songs, although there may be some overlap. Put on some music, relax, and allow yourself to be transported to many worlds of tuneful imagination.

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